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Steve Justa may be the most original author in modern iron game history. Steve is, well – his own man. He spent a lifetime becoming an expert in strength and achieving world record levels with amazing and original training. What’s more amazing about this is that he has done this in near total isolation. Similar to Paul Anderson he had some early and brief exposure to lifting and an occasional book, possibly the odd meeting with someone else who pursued strength, but with exceptional rarity. Yet he has come to the conclusions that high level sports scientists and modern trainers apply with no outside influence. In fact his work is referenced regularly in the works of modern strength literature. Yet he lives literally in the middle of nowhere like a strength nomad and a modern primitive.

Steve Justa Truck Lifting About

Lifting a Ford F600 Grain Truck with an extra 3 tons of wood in the back.

Steve Justa grew up in Nebraska in the small town of Harvard. He grew up on a farm and worked hard as a kid and played a few sports and always had an inborn drive to take everything to the limit that interested him in life. First it was dirt bike riding, not for competition in meets, but just around the farm and down on the little Blue River. He’d ride these motorcycles all the time, day and night. Then he really got into basketball. He’d practice all the time for years. Then it was partying and chasing the ladies.

He really never even knew how to lift weights until he got out of high school. He was about 18 years old when he started lifting seriously. Everything he’d learned was self-educated. He’d read enough books and magazines about lifting to make a stack clear to the ceiling but that still wasn’t good enough for him. He had to experiment and try to come up with his own ideas as well as try everybody else’s. He’s lived, eaten, breathed and thought about lifting now for about 50 years.


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    • For the isometrics of for something else? In the isometrics DVD’s Justa uses a custom built rack, but its not necessary. A power rack would work for much of them, and even if you don’t have that you’ll still be able to figure out many ways to use them.

  1. I got this knee injury from playing basketball a few years ago. Tore the cartilage in my right knee and it hasn’t recovered since. I’ve been leading quite a sedentary lifestyle these past years and have developed bunions along with immobility in the hips. Any idea if Justa’s training could turn my faggy jello legs into iron?

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