Heavy Lifting

Digging through the archives Steve Justa had some lifting feats on old VHS tapes. We figured it was worth converting these to DVD’s then posting clips online for your viewing pleasure to see more of what Steve does and how he trains (which is like a mad man of course!) This is the first of many heavy lifting clips we’ll be sharing. This is a series of short range lifts, some of Steve’s favorites for total strength.

The first is picking a barbell weighing 610 off the rack in front of the body with two hands. He says he used to be able to do 900 lbs. for ten reps.

The second is picking the 900 lb. barbell off the rack on a single shoulder. His best ever was 1100.

The third lift is a 250 lb. dumbbell off of the ground. Then he moves onto 292 lb.

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Working with Concrete

Steve Justa shows you one method that he used to build his super strength by moving and lifting huge chunks of concrete. You won’t see them lifted so much as moved around here which is basically a form of isometric training or odd object training. If you don’t have a chunk of concrete you can use rocks or stones of all shapes and sizes.

You’ll also see Bud Jeffries trying his hand at some of these lifts. You’ll never see these done in any commercial gym but you won’t find this level of strength there either.

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Barrel Lifting

Check out this series of new videos on barrel lifting with Steve Justa and Bud Jeffries.

In case you don’t know barrel lifts are one of the main forms of odd object training along with other things like stones and logs.

This video shows Steve breaking a 640 lb. concrete filled barrel off of the ground a few times. It’s a very short range lift but with an odd object that is incredibly heavy and awkward.

If you look at this and say that’s nothing, then you have no idea what it would take to move something like even a little bit off the ground.

This video shows 1100 lb. barrel lifting. This barrel is filled with concrete and has a handle attachment welded onto it to provide different forms of exercises.

You’ll see various forms of odd object training here with lifts, twists, squats and various other movements using this heavy object.

Finally, this video shows a lighter barrel than the other two with only 315 lbs.

But with this lighter size you’ll see both Steve and Bud do a variety of lifts including walking around with it. Lots of odd object training exercises found here.

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